Current Projects


Letters to An Unborn Son is the first project of EMERGE.  This project is an intimate conversation between father and son that transcends time and space.

This project is based on the life of Willis Howard Wall, an African American man incarcerated in the New York State prison system.  He went to jail in 1989 and was one of many Black men and women who would serve time for crack-related offenses.  In the span of four years, which was the term of his confinement, he wrote his family over one thousand letters documenting his experience in prison.  As a result of HIV infection and subsequent AIDS-related complications, he passed away at the Mohawk Correctional Facility Hospital in Rome, New York, four hours away from his family in the Bronx.  He would never see his wife or children again.


Disrupt Social Order (DSO) is the first public art project of saifaemerges. DSO reminds us that we don’t have to follow along with the madness.  We have the responsibility to disrupt social order so that we may all live with dignity.

The purpose of Reconciling Crack ( is to highlight the impact and devastation of crack cocaine on Black communities throughout the United States.

Reconciling Crack asks these questions:

  1. What do you remember about the crack epidemic?
  2. How did crack impact your family? Your community? Your psyche?

Reconciling Crack invites people to submit personal accounts, images, pictures, videos and anything else that documents his/her/their experience being impacted by crack cocaine.

For more information or to submit, please email